Feb '21 Coffee Reveal

We are so excited for you to brew your first cups of this first shipment from Acorn Coffee Club. This month's coffees are great representations of what inspired us to create Acorn. 

Our hope is that you will try the coffees for yourself, have your own experiences,  and then be inspired to come back here to learn what makes them special. However, we know some of you just can't wait, so here is a little teaser. Later in the week we'll have a bigger write up for you.

This month's daily drinker is a beautifully balanced coffee grown by members of Cooperativa Agrícola Integral Tajumuco, R.L. in Nuevo Cantinil.  This is a village in Huehuentenango, about 10 miles from the Mexico border. Coffees from this area are some of Tony's favorite "first cup" of the day; in fact, he was in Huehuetenago when he first started to really develop the idea behind Acorn Coffee Club.

Our Magic Seeds for February are a cherry-dried pacamara that come from the Los Cuxinales farmThis farm is owned by Pedro Echeverria and is located in Ciudad Vieja, in the Antigua valley. Later in the week we will dig into what this all means, but for now we'll give you this - the cherry-dried process and the Pacamara varietal were both eye opening for Tony on how dynamic coffee can be. Tasting this coffee, we knew it had to be our first Magic Seeds and we hope this bag will be just as eye opening for you.

Acorn's intention is to bring you coffees that are grown by the same group of farmers. Due to the additional challenges COVID created throughout the coffee supply chain, our options are limited as most groups are producing less microlots. Our hope is that as things begin to turn more towards "normal" we will be able to select coffees from the same farmer or group. 

We're excited for you to experience these two coffees, as they each capture the inspiration behind Acorn Coffee Club.