June 2023 Magic Seeds

We are super excited to introduce you to this month's Magic Seeds from El Faldon in San Agustin, Colombia. This coffee is from one of the founding members of our favorite group of coffee farmers.
Arnulfo Leguizamo is a truly legendary coffee producer. He is a leader in his community and an inspiration to the other members of Asociación Los Naranjos. In 2011, Arnulfo won the Colombian Cup of Excellence and the auction for his lot set the record for price paid per pound. Arnulfo has continued to generously support the other members of his producer group. His son Diego has trained as a cupper and joined him in managing El Faldon. Recently Arnulfo opened his own coffee shop in San Agustin.
Tony has worked with fmembers of Los Naranjos for the past decade. He has been able to travel there twice to visit member farms. In fact, it is his favorite place for coffee travel. Coffees from here have a telltale note of funky tropical fruit - making them one of his favorites.
Flavor Description:
El Faldon’s first sip calls to mind the deeply complex mix of tropical fruit flavors that keeps us returning to coffees from San Agustin. As it cools the cup opens up more taking on a beautiful bouquet of floral tones, most notably rose blossom and magnolia flower. Underneath these delicate flavors, soft nut and milk chocolate flavors lend support. These work together to remind us of almond truffles and pair well with the soft but syrupy body we see in the cup.


We hope that you have loved this month's  Magic Seeds and look forward to sharing another exceptional experience with you next month.


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