October 2022 Magic Seeds

We are super excited to introduce you to this month's 
Magic Seeds from the Riverside Mill in Kabiufa, Papau New Guinea. It is a washed process lot, composed Arusha, Bourbon and Typica varieties. 

In 2019, Moses Venapoe established a cherry collection site and washing station at his home in Kabiufa, located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Purchasing coffee in the cherry form is almost unheard of in PNG, but is a crucial factor that ensures proper ripeness and cleanliness. Additionally, by building his own washing station he can guarantee that his coffees have ideal washing standards and care throughout the drying process.
Moses Venapoe at the Riverside Mill
By purchasing the coffee in the cherry, Moses is able to pay producers in his area a much higher premium for their harvests. He is also able to carefully sort for quality and give direct feedback on improving harvest practices.
Kabiufa initially stands out for its silky body, similar to fresh whipped cream, perfectly pairing the cherry and almond notes that, together, reminds us of Maraschino liqueur. There is a beautiful lemon zest brightness contrasting the creaminess and a soft herbal sage-like undertone that fits between those other flavors so well. We’re excited to bring this coffee back to our menu for a second year.
hand sorting perfect cherry selection

The highlight of this coffee is its contrasting elements - sweet clear brightness pairing with soft herbal creaminess.

images provided by Cafe Imports.


We hope that you have loved this month's  Magic Seeds and look forward to sharing another exceptional experience with you next month.


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