April 2021 Magic Seeds

April Magic Seeds Kabiufa Mill

We are super excited to introduce you to this month's Magic Seeds, a special lot from the Kabiufa Mill in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. We tend not to gravitate toward Asian Pacific coffees, so excited to have one showing up in Acorn so soon. 

Your coffees this month perfectly represent what why we created Acorn Coffee Club. We created Acorn to give you the opportunity to try coffees from the same area, one that is a very good daily drinker and another that is extra special; both are to be enjoyed, but maybe in different contexts. The global impact of COVID-19 meant everyone streamlined their offerings due to complications throughout the supply chain. This made it impossible to offer coffees from quite as similar places as we hoped some months. 

This month is different - both coffees in your shipment come from the same mill. These bags have beans that likely were picked off the very same trees. We are able to highlight the impact that an extra level of detail makes on the coffee in your cup.

The Kabiufa Mill was established in 2019 by Moses Venapoe, an entrepreneur in the Kabiufa community. Historically, coffees in this area pass through many hands between the grower and the mill, traded at roadside scales where it is impossible trace quality. Moses created a program to buy coffee still in the cherry and process it in the wet mill he built in his yard. He established a "red cherry only" rule for deliveries, greatly improving quality and allowing him to pay 30% over market value to the area farmers, immediately upon delivery. These improvements are the foundation of the mill's quality.

Your Daily Drinker for this month is their "A grade," which receives all the attention in we just covered. Your Magic Seeds are a result of his special preparation where he takes only the most premium deliveries and gives even greater care throughout the process, down to hand selecting out any potential impurities. This month's coffee shows you the impact that additional care can make on a coffee that already stands out from its peers.

The Kabiufa Mill produces coffees with the same rich body and sweet tobacco leaf aromas you expect to see from Papua New Guinea; however, there is a cleanliness in the cup that is unmatched in the region. We are seeing fudgey chocolate and malty caramel in the Daily Drinker. The Magic Seeds has many of those same flavors but is marked with a red apple sweetness upfront.

Your April coffees are truly exceptional and we are excited to share them with you - the members of Acorn Coffee Club.

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